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I live in Washington State. Growing up, I had an interest in cryptids/paranormal, but never had the motivation to investigate. That all changed in the Spring of 2015, after my father informed me that he heard "whoops" on this forested hill, behind our house one morning, while he was leaving for work.

After he told me about it, I left a peanut butter jar, peanut butter crackers and an audio recorder next to a stream up on this hill. The next day, I retrieved the recorder and noticed possible finger prints on the inside of the jar and the peanut butter crackers seemed to be "neatly" taken out of the wrappers and eaten.

After listening to the audio recorder, I heard a strange humming feedback sound followed by a woodknock and whoop. Then, something growls and messes with the recorder, but there wasn't any teeth marks or scratches on the recorder. So, that REALLY piqued my interest and started my journey down the Bigfoot rabbit hole and continues to this day.

Bumping Lake Bigfoot with Tristan Yolton
Feb. 10, 2023

Bumping Lake Bigfoot with Tristan Yolton

Tristan Yolton is a Washington based Bigfoot researcher. This episode focuses primarily on his recorded audio evidence around Bumping Lake which you will hear in the interview. Tristan also shares his thoughts on best practic...

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