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If you like Cryptozoology or the weird, this is for you

Jeremiah is a great host and does an absolutely excellent job of sourcing interviews and guests to talk with. It’s impressive the amount of folks from the different corners of the paranormal world he lines up. Plus the open phone lines shows are a treat (definitely recommend checking those out live and even calling in yourself if you’ve got a story to tell!)

Cryptozoology Gold

Jeremiah has created a really great podcast and gone beyond the scope of just broadcasting to include the cryptid community on Dischord and beyond. Thoroughly enjoy every episode and carry my Bigfoot Society card everywhere!

Amazing Podcast with an amazing person!

Bigfoot Society is an amazing podcast! Jeremiah is an overall nice genuine person and is a top interviewer! This is a family podcast that my kids love and can interact with the whole community. Every episode has someone different with different view points, opinions and work areas and that keeps it always interesting. The Patreon is definitely interactive and extremely active worth every penny! My whole family loves Jeremiah, his podcast, his merch, his TikTok’s and his lives! 5 stars in every aspect!

A great podcast on the subject of Bigfoot

Jeremiah enthusiasm in each episode is what really makes the show great. I’ve heard lots of podcasts on the subject and the host is usually pretty drab. I love to hear the host just as excited and enthusiastic as the person that is being interviewed! Great job!

Great Show

Great show hosted by a great host.

A fantastic show

I absolutely love the show! Jeremiah is a wonderful and engaging host, and the guests are always well versed on their subject matter. Top shelf stuff.

One of the best podcasts out there!

Really look forward to new episodes. Great Cryptid content all around…I follow the creator on Instagram as well.

Bigfoot Society is a fun place to hang

Having listened to every episode, I would say that The Bigfoot Society is an enjoyable place to go and listen to all things Cryptid. While Bigfoot is in the name, and that’s a large focus, there are plenty of guests who cover other areas of interest as well. Jeremiah is a fun and personable host and he creates a positive and welcoming community.

Jeremiah is a doll

Not only is the guy a perfect interviewer, he’s a huge supporter for all things cryptid. You don’t get much more wholesome than Jeremiah Byron. The show itself is great. Jeremiah is a true cryptid journalist, staying completely neutral and allowing everyone in this community a platform to share their ideas. He’s professional to work with and professional on the microphone.

Best show!

ON ANY NETWORK!!! Jeremiah does a fantastic job! You are da man!!!!!

Excellent interviewer

It’s so informative and wonderful to hear what all of these awesome people in cryptozoology are doing. His guests range from every cryptid field. His interview style is excellent.

Cryptid Clubhouse King

Jeremiah is ridiculously kind and has a voice that sounds sweeter than a rainstorm after a hundred year drought. He also started the Bigfoot Society Club on Clubhouse that brings fans of cryptozoology together to talk about great topics in the realm of weird and mysterious! Great host and an awesome podcast.


Each episode is Thorough and in detail .. Always inspiration for my #bobrossofbigfoot cryptid artwork !

More of This, Please

Bigfoot Society is the perfect name for this podcast, as it is genuinely interested in the people who are interested in Bigfoot. Jeremiah is an excellent host and conversationalist and it is exciting to observe him refining his approach. Respectful, thoughtful, and fun, Bigfoot Society is a refreshing listen.

Great Cryptid Interview Show!

Just started listening and I’m hooked. Great format and great guests. Keep it up!

Bigfoot review

Awesome Podcast!!! Just started this and I can’t get enough! I’m hooked!!!!!

Very entertaining

Love the show

Fun show!

So far I’m enjoying this. Really like the content that I haven’t heard anywhere else. 👍👍

A great start

Really like the ideas for content that Jeremiah is kicking around for future shows. This podcast is only a few shows in and Jeremiah already has that “good podcast flow” going on..... he’s a great gabber. Good luck Jeremiah and hang in there, Bigfoot podcasts are not built in a day ! One last thing, great interview with his 4 year old son! Please check it out!