Aug. 27, 2022

Pennsylvania Bigfoot Encounters and the Chestnut Ridge | Sasquatch Experience | Sean Forker

Pennsylvania Bigfoot Encounters and the Chestnut Ridge | Sasquatch Experience | Sean Forker
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For nearly 28 years, Sean “The Forkchop” Forker has been involved in the Search for Bigfoot. Growing up, Sean was exposed to shows such as In Search Of, Unsolved Mysteries, and Arthur C. Clarke’s Mysterious World,which ignited a passion for investigating these unexplained creatures. While maintaining active investigating presence, Forker took the the airwaves with The Sasquatch Experience Radio Show from 2005-2010, where he and an assortment of cohost interviews the biggest names in the research field. Taking a hiatus, the show relaunched in 2020.

Forker has appeared on many podcasts, and featured in a number of Small Town Monsters Documentaries, most recently Sasquatch Unearthed: The Ridge.He is also currently writing a book, Elusive Truth,based on his investigations and experiences over the years. 

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