Alaskan Bigfoot Encounters: Truckin' with Tim and the Kenai Sasquatch

Join us on this thrilling episode of the Bigfoot Society podcast, as we dive deep into the mysterious world of Bigfoot encounters with long-distance trucker, Tim. While navigating the remote and captivating Kenai Peninsula in Alaska, Tim has experienced multiple unexplained sightings of the elusive Sasquatch. Listen in as we discuss the adrenaline-pumping moments when these mythical creatures cross paths with a big rig's headlights, illuminating the dark Alaskan nights.

In this captivating episode, we'll explore:

Tim's unforgettable Bigfoot encounters on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

The eerie atmosphere and secluded routes of long-distance trucking in Alaska

How to react when a Sasquatch appears in the headlights of your big rig

The impact of these encounters on Tim's life as a long-distance trucker

Don't miss this spine-tingling conversation that will have you questioning the unexplained phenomena lurking in the shadows of the Alaskan wilderness.


Alaskan Coastal Sasquatch by Small Town Monsters -

The area in Montana Tim was referring to:

Researchers mentioned in this episode:
Aleks Petakov
Eli Watson
Ron Read

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