March 22, 2023

Exploring Nebraska's High Strangeness with Steve Berg: Beyond Bigfoot Sightings | (Members-Only Episode)

Exploring Nebraska's High Strangeness with Steve Berg: Beyond Bigfoot Sightings | (Members-Only Episode)
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Welcome to the Bigfoot Society podcast, where we explore the mysterious world of the unknown. In this exclusive members-only episode, we have the pleasure of hosting renowned Nebraska High Strangeness researcher, Steve Berg. Join us as we delve into the strange and unexplained events that have occurred in the Midwest, beyond the realm of Bigfoot.

From sightings of humanoid creatures and gargoyles to bizarre occurrences at Skinwalker Ranch, Dogmen, and Portals in Otoe County, this episode promises to be a thrilling and eye-opening experience. You won't want to miss a single moment of our discussion.

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Contact Steve with your Nebraska high strangeness stories by reaching him at:

To see Steve talk about High Strangeness in Nebraska make sure not to miss his lecture at the 2023 Van Meter Visitor Festival in Van Meter, Iowa on 9/30/23.

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Hear 30 more minutes with Steve in the Patreon where we discuss humanoids from Nebraska, Dogman, Skinwalker Ranch, portals of Otoe County and so much more!!

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