March 3, 2023

Discover the Dark Secrets of Sasquatch with RPG on Bigfoot Society

Discover the Dark Secrets of Sasquatch with RPG on Bigfoot Society
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Tune in to the latest episode of Bigfoot Society and join the legendary Ryan Golembeske (RPG), a renowned cryptozoologist and paranormal explorer, as he takes us on a mesmerizing journey through his experiences with Bigfoot. In this enthralling podcast, RPG shares fascinating stories about his involvement with popular shows like Finding Bigfoot, Expedition Bigfoot, Outkast Paranormal, and more. Discover a whole new level of Bigfoot knowledge and mystery as RPG talks about his encounters in Nebraska and beyond, including intriguing details about the 99th episode of Finding Bigfoot. RPG's passion for the unknown and his unique perspective, gained through producing paranormal entertainment, MCing gigs at Bigfoot conferences, and co-owning OutKast Paranormal, make him a captivating storyteller who shares his insights in a positive, inclusive style. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to explore the fringe of the paranormal world and unlock the secrets of Bigfoot with RPG on Bigfoot Society!


Ci’Tonga: Bigfoot, Spirits and Faith

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Hey all - I am making a private Facebook group “Bigfoot Sasquatch Encounters”. Feel free to apply to join and share the link with those that have had encounters in other groups. Many will apply but not all will be let in. Follow the directions! 🙂


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