Dec. 18, 2022

Iowa Cryptids and Haunted Hawkeye Weirdness with Mat Fitzpatrick

Iowa Cryptids and Haunted Hawkeye Weirdness with Mat Fitzpatrick
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In this episode, I talk with my friend Mat who is an enthusiast of all things strange and cryptid in the state of Iowa. Is there more to the Hawkeye state than corn and pigs? Find out with Mat and I in this episode of Bigfoot Society! Villisca Axe Murder House? South Skunk River Monster? Lockridge Monster? Jordan House of West Des Moines? Haunted Sears of Merle Hay Mall?


Van Meter Visitor Tour 2022 filmed by Berton Moran

Van Meter Visitor Tour 2021 filmed by Joe Tury

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Monsters of the Hawkeye State by David Weatherly


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